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Gehl® CTL_55 Tracks: Block Tread

Gehl® CTL_55 Rubber Tracks: [320x86x46]
★★★★★| 8 Reviews
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Tech Specs
Width: 12.6" - 86mm
Pitch: 86 mm
Links: 46 (teeth)
Weight: 735 lbs.

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Gehl® CTL_55
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Gehl® CTL_55
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(Double V tread pattern shown above.)

Track Details

As the name suggests, the Gehl® CTL_55 loader loads debris and soil into carriers like dump trucks. Loaders are often mistaken for bulldozers but their roles are unquestionably different.

Black Dog offers premium replacement rubber tracks for the Gehl® CTL_55 loader delivered to your door. Tracked loaders offer maximum adaptability over wide ranges of terrains including concrete, black top, loose dirt, mud, compacted dirt, gravel, and sand.

High-Quality Rubber

We work with our manufacturer to ensure our rubber tracks meet or exceed industry ISO Quality Standards:

Warranty - 1000 hours strong, all day long.

The life of a track depends on a number of factors such as weather and terrain. We still guarantee our tracks for up to 1000 hours or 1 year from the purchase date.

Gehl® CTL 55 Rubber Tracks Track Reviews

Gehl® CTL 55 Rubber Tracks - Reviews

★★★★★| 8 Reviews

I am completely blown away. Black Dog Tracks replacement tracks are the real deal!




Great replacement tracks that fit my mini excavator perfectly. Low prices!


I appreciate that taxes and shipping are included! Great quality rubber tracks and I will definitely be buying again!


I just can't get enough of Black Dog Tracks. I want to get a T-Shirt with Black Dog Tracks on it so I can show it off to everyone. Merch?


This is unbelievable. After purchasing these tracks - my machines run so smooth!


Black Dog is now my favorite place to buy replacement tracks.



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